Word Documents Won’t Open After Upgrading Outlook 2013

MS Word fails to open Word Attachments in emails, or documents sent by email. Hence, if you see any error similar errors, then the suggested resolution may be

  • Checking the file permission for the documents or drive.
  • Here you should make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space.
  • Open the file with the Text Recovery Converter.

In general, this problem occurs due to the updates to the Trust and Security settings in Office 2013, so that documents have been sent by email or downloaded from the Internet are treated, by default, as having come from an insecure location.

Basically there are two ways to resolve these issue, that totally depends on whether you just want to accept or open the single document, or to make the changes for all documents sent by email etc.

You Should Make Changes For A Single Document:-

  • So, to make changes for a specific document that you receive by email you need to follow the process as mentioned below:-
  • You should save the attachment to a temporary work folder, as for example, My Documents or Temp Folder.
  • Now, right click on the Saved document and then go to Properties.
  • Then in the Security Settings at the bottom of the document properties, there is an UnBlock button.
  • Press Unblock button, and you are now able to open your document in Word.

Make Changes For All Document

  • From the file , click on Options Menu, then select Trust Center, then press Trust Center Settings buttons on right hand side. This will then open an screen.
  • Now select the Protected View setting, from the left hand side of the screen.

By default, you will find there 3 options for protecting files:-

  • Originating from the Internet.
  • Located in potentially unsafe locations.
  • As Outlook Attachments.
  • Here, you should uncheck the options that you do not want to allow.
  • Now, press Ok button, twice, and then close out the Options tab.
  • Then, you will now be able to open files from the Internet and as Outlook attachments without having to individually enable the functions on each file.

Use PST Repair Software To Solve This Issue:-

Here, you can follow the same procedure for Outlook Application. Using these steps you can rectify these problems. If you still unable to open your Word Document from Outlook 2013 then, we recommend that you should opt for trusted and robust third-party tool known as PST Repair Software. This Software is generally created with high skilled professionals, that uses advanced algorithms. It possess strong capability to fix this issue. So, don’t waste your time, and install PST Repair Software as soon as possible into your system.

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