Tips For Reducing Size Of Outlook Data Files

MS Outlook PST File are referred as Outlook repositories for email, contacts, calendars and much more. It becomes very large, if you are not paying any attention regarding speed and backups, that makes you to control on the size, before reaching that stage. PST file is basically used as containers for MS Outlook that has a specific storage limit on file, that depends on the version of Outlook. However, if you are ANSI user, then size limitation would be 2 GB, or if you are Unicode users, then the size limitation of PST would be 20 GB. So, whenever PST size gets oversize, then Outlook takes lots of time to open files or to respond files. The problem becomes even become more worse, when you try to access those emails or contacts, and you are responding with the error messages as:-

Error Messages Occur Due To Oversize PST File

  • File Could not get added to the folder. This action could not get completed.
  • File XXX.PST has reached its maximum size limit.
  • Errors have been detected into your Outlook PST File. You Should quit all mail-enabled applications.
  • Outlook.pst cannot be accessed 0x80040116.
  • An unknown error has occurred 0x80040119 and so on.

There is high need to reduce Outlook PST File Size

  • Need to Increase Outlook Speed and Performances.
  • Proper Outlook Management.
  • Avoid Outlook PST File Corruption.

Random Method To Compress Size Of Outlook Data File

A PST File is mainly a database that grows and shrinks with every activity you take in MS Outlook. Hence, to prevent negative performances effect, just remove White Spaces from PST file that can be used by modifying and new items. Hence, whenever you permanently remove any item, it turns into “Blank Space”. When PST File consist more than 20% of white space, Outlook will undoubtedly compact the PST File in background when your system is idle.

Start Manual Compacting Process

  • At first, just right click on the root of folder set.
  • From context menu. Select properties.
  • In new dialogue box, click on Advanced button.
  • A pop-up Window will open at your screen.
  • Here, you have to press “Compact Now” button.

If the above mentioned steps doesn’t work properly, then you should install PST Repair Software. This effective tool will help you in reducing your PST File. However, you can also take help from Microsoft inbuilt utility known as Inbox Repair Tool, but due to its certain limitation, it fails to proceed the task. So, you should always consider installing PST Repair Software, that is designed by great professionals, in order to overcome the drawbacks of Inbox Repair Tool. PST Repair Software is more capable to repair your large PST Files and bring back your Outlook data as well. Thus, the best option, you have is to download PST Repair Software as soon as possible into your system.

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