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Ways To Reduce The Outlook Calendar Folder Size

As we know that MS Outlook is known to be very professional email application. However, Outlook calendars is used as houses for all requests meetings, reminders and other appointments. But most of the organization generally put data storage limit in their Outlook Usage. So, most of the people get around 100 MB of storage. Hence, continuous flow of emails and meeting requests will soon choked up with the storage limit of Outlook. To free up these spaces, you have to move mails to your personal folders, and deleting those meetings, appointments from Calendar which are expired. But you should wait that its trickiest part. So, cleaning up the emails is busy, but not the Calendar. So, if you are facing problem, in just reducing the size of your Outlook Calendar, then keep reading.

First to free up the space you should delete large attachments from the items. To do this, sort list, by attachment. This will show all the items with the attachments. So, you can open those items one by one and then delete those attachment and save. This will noticeably reduce the size of Outlook Calendar.

Secondly, you can delete the items which are old and have occurred in the past. Hence, to do this, you will need to sort the Calendar items by “End Date”. You can ideally delete any items older that one week. So, this will leave only items which either occurred in last week or that will occur in future. Hence, reducing size of your Outlook Calendar to mere KBs.

So, if you have problem using these methods to reduce Outlook Calendar folder size, then you can install PST Recovery Software as soon as possible into your PC. This is a well known tool that is design by professional experts. This tool is get compatible with all Windows Operating system versions. So, to reduce the Outlook Calendar Folder size, you have to install PST Recovery Software as soon as possible into your system.