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How To Fix Most Common Outlook Errors


It had been seen that most of the time user Outlook get corrupted and show various error messages on their screen. Here we conclude few error messages as well as their quick fixation. Hence, presenting some Microsoft Outlook errors that frequently get plagued with Exchange Server Organizations. As most of the user are bound to come across at least one of these error. Therefore, its good idea to fix these error messages as soon as possible.

Error 1:- Cannot Send this Item

This error message typically deals with how an outgoing email message get formatted. Hence, if you anytime encounter this message, you should check To: address first. As most of the time, I have received seen this error because I have mistakenly formatted a destination and email address incorrectly. Some other versions of Outlook state that their destination email address is unrecognized. This error can also occur when there is some problem within your HTML based email messages. Hence, changing the outbound message format from HTML to plain text will solve this problem.

Error 2:- No connection made as target machine is actively refusing it

this message will be varied depending on various versions of Outlook. You may also see Server not found or Error 0x800CCOF. Here you should make sure that your PC has an active network connection. Once you verify your network connectivity, you should make sure that use is logged properly. It will hints a permission or connection problem, but user can actually receive this error if their Outlook profile that has been damaged.
Basically, a blocked firewall port or overly aggressive antivirus software that cause this error. But its rare, so, if user permissions and connectivity does not get damaged, you should try deleting and recreating the User’s Outlook Profile.


Error 3:- Outlook not implemented

Most of the time user receive this message, when they try to open their Microsoft Outlook. It will indicates that Outlook cannot open because it get damages. It depends on which versions of Outlook you are targeting. If you are running Outlook 2010 on your Windows 7, just select your Microsoft Office 2010 splash screen displays, choose your Repair option and follow the prompts.

Error 4:- Outlook Keeps asking user’s password

When this error message prompts on your screen, you are asked to enter a password each time they send an email. It will occurs if your Outlook has not get configured to store user password. Whenever you link your Outlook to POP3 account, that you must enter the user’s name, email, address, username and password. But if you don’t select the option to restore user’s password, it will ask you for every time, as user sends an email. Hence, to fix this problem, just open your Control Panel and use Mail option to edit your Outlook Profile.

Hence, if any of these cases you are not satisfied with its solution, you should immediately install Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software. However, if your problem is large enough, then your built in repair tool will be unable to perform any task. So, in these case, you just need to install Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software, that get compatible with all the versions of Outlook and get updated to repair corrupted PST File Outlook 2013.


How to run Scanpst.exe to repair Outlook Errors

How to run Scanpst.exe

How to run Scanpst.exe to repair Outlook errors know. Microsoft Outlook is a very popular client email, most commonly used by several users for their personal use and for official purposes. However, many users often encounter problems with your Microsoft Outlook due to corruption of PST files. To resolve this problem, you can take the help of the utility Scanpst.exe equipped and comes with all versions of Outlook. You can solve all kinds of problems under corruption in PST files. See the next section for how to run scanpst.exe.

You should be aware that as you run Scanpst.exe to repair damaged Outlook files. Scanpst.exe is a free tool or email inbox repair that is built-in with Outlook. How to run scanpst.exe repair tool:


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How To Resolve “The File Is not a Personal Folders File” Error Issues

“The File Is not a Personal Folders File” Error.” is one of widely found pst error. This error usually occurs when you opens any of the damaged or corrupted Outlook personal folders(PST) file with Microsoft Outlook. The message will be shown like this

The file xxxx.pst is not a personal folders file.
(where xxxx is the name of your PST file that to be opened)

11 error-not-personal-folders

Actually, PST file usually composed of two parts, the file header, and their following data part. On side where file header holds the most important info about the whole file like file signature, file size, compatibility, etc.

In case, if the header file get corrupted or damaged because of any reason, then it cannot be recognized by Microsoft Outlook, and thus Outlook will suppose whole file is invalid and will report this error.


There can be various reasons for the damage in file header of PST files.

  • Virus Attack: Any kind of contamination because of having malware in the device will definitely corrupt or damage PST file header and thus results in inaccessibility of PST files.
  • Sharing PST files Over Network: Due to simultaneous access, there is also a great probability of PST header file corruption while sharing any of the PST file on a common network.
  • Indecent Exit of Outlook: Some of your unusual activities like any kind of interruption or forcefully termination of Outlook while processing some task can corrupt header component of the PST file.

No matter how your PST file get damages, it’s only you, who have to face this troubles. In order to resolve this issues, you can take help of Inbox repair Tool. It’s a inbuilt tool provided by Microsoft so as to fix all such types of issues. But, it has some limitations, since it quite time taking and slow process and needs lots of efforts. Also, it need somewhat better knowledge of system files and folders. So, the best alternative option to resolve The File Is not a Personal Folders File” Error is OUTlook PST Repair Software. It’s one of the most powerful and effective software that has been designed by th team of experts by taking very advanced algorithm helping you to get rid of “Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook 2013” errors and its related issues.