Resolve Outlook 2013 Search Not Working Issue

Most of the users have reported that Outlook 2013 search not working issue occur, when they have made attempts of searching anything on Outlook 2013. This issue results from different internal issue and search functionality  So many different configurations set up and internal issues give rise to different error messages, thus you need to follow the error message and then check with the issue to find the right method to fix Outlook 2013 search not working issue.

Causes of this error messages:-

When your Outlook 2013 is not working, you may encounter the error message that reads “No matches found”. Or you may notice that Outlook 2013 has returned some expected results. You may notice that Outlook 2013 has returned some expected results. Here you may notice this error message in the Indexing Status dialog in Outlook – “Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed ”. This outlook 2013 instant search error occurs if the user has made a search for items which do match. Especially, if these Windows Desktop Search (WDS) is set up to index Offline Outlook Data (.OST) file or (.PST) file. You may also face this error message that reads “We couldn’t find what you were looking for”. So, the reason why this error occurs is because an advanced Search function or searching on the server option do not use pre-built index which accelerates the search process.

Quick Fixes To Resolve Outlook 2013 Search Not Working Issues

Method 1:- You should Ensure Indexing Is Complete

Follow these steps to check if indexing is  complete

  • In Outlook 2013, you should click on the search option.
  • Select “Search tab”.
  • Select “Search Tools”
  • Select “Indexing Status”

The Indexing status dialog will pop-up. You will see this message as “Outlook has finished indexing all of your items”. “O items are remaining to the indexed”.

If the items are remaining to be indexed, then you should need to wait for a while and no longer you need to finish it. Once it complete, then you should check again. see that the number of items to be indexed are not reducing, then you need to opt different method.

Method 2:- Install PST Repair Software

If you are not sure that these steps will work or not, then you should install PST Recovery Software into your machine. As you should know that, this tool is built by great professionals, and uses strong mechanism, that will repair your corrupted or damaged PST File. So, to resolve Outlook 2013 search not working issue, you should install PST Repair Software as early as possible into your PC.

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