Fix Error Opening Outlook and Control Panel’s Mail Applet

I am trying a lot to make a change to my Outlook Mail profile, but I was advised to go to Control Panel, and then select Mail. But the problem is that, When I go to the Control Panel, there is no Mail icon. So, where does it exactly located?

Basically the exact location depends on the Versions of Windows that you are using as well as layout settings of the Control Panel. Alternatively, you can also use the Search feature in Control Panel or Windows Start menu to quickly locate and open it. When you are using Windows 8, you should make sure to open “Control Panel” and not on “Settings”. So, whenever you open the Start Menu, simply type “Control Panel” to find it.

Control Panel – Classic Layout

If your Control Panel in the Classic Layout icon, you can see the Mail Applet directly in the list of icons. However, for 64 bit version of Windows as Vista or Windows 7, then the icon could be listed in the “View 32 -bit Control Panel Items” section.

Control Panel – Category Layout

If your Control Panel is set to “View By Category”, then you can find the mail applet in :

Windows XP : User Accounts

Windows Vista: User Accounts

Windows Vista 64 -bit:- Additional Options → View 32 Bit Control Panel Items

Windows 7 : – User Accounts And Family Safety

Windows 8 : – User Accounts And Family Safety

Windows 10 : – User Accounts

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Can’t Preview Outlook 2013 Attachments

If you have Outlook 2013 set up to use the Preview Panel, then you might have noticed that you can view a preview of an attachment by clicking on attachment once. This basically allows you to view the contents of the attachment, if the Previewer for that attachment is installed into your system. For Microsoft Files, you can often copy some of the data from the Preview.

But if you prefer to work with the Attachments in their native program, where you just have full acess to all the features of the program, then this Preview mode can be more nuisance than a help. Unfortunately, you have smart and reliable tool that will help you in previewing Outlook 2013 Attachments, known as PST Repair Tool.

Protected view is a new security feature that get arrived in Outlook 2013, for all office documents, that arrives in email or downloaded content from Internet Sources. This is basically a security sandbox that is used by Office 2013 to enhance your attachment security. Most of the administrators are able to control whether all email attachments or only those from outside their Exchange Network use Protected View or not.

How Protected view Works In Outlook 2013?

When an Outlook email document is opened, a red band appears at the top of the document to alert its user, that their document is in Protected View and cannot be edited. So, if the user trusts the document, they click on the Enable editing button, to begin editing. However, all attachments are read only.

Additionally, when a document that was previously attached to an email, is opened, the red message bar states that “This file originated as an email attachment” or “The file was downloaded from the Internet”. The application knows this because the Windows uses the Attachment Execution Services, to place a zone identifier in an alternative data stream of the file, that indicates, it get downloaded from the Internet Zone. Hence, when Word, Excel, or Powerpoint open any file and sees this marker, it knows that, you should open the file within Protected View and thus, user sees the red bar.

PST Repair Software : Effective Solution To Preview Outlook Attachments

Using PST Repair Software, you can do several such as re-install your Outlook, repair your Office programs, even you can try as domain or local Admin, disable your protected view and so on. However, if you still want to preview your Outlook 2013 Attachments, then you are highly recommended to install PST Repair Software. This tool is created by professionals that uses advanced algorithms, that will help your attachments to get preview by its user. This effective software will repair your corrupted, inaccessible and damaged PST File. It is also compatible with Windows and Mac Operating system. so, don’t wait and install PST Repair Software as soon as possible into your PC.

Get Complete Guide To Fix Outlook 2013 Mso.dll Error

MSO.dll is basically a dynamic link library that is created by Microsoft and used by the Microsoft Office programs. Mso.dll errors appear as a pop-up Windows that generally state something along the lines of “Mso.dll was not found” or “Mso.dll is missing”. Generally these errors are caused by missing or corrupt Mso.dll file and can be fixed by re-installing the Mso.dll file. To complete this task, you just need an administrator name and password.

Mso.dll Error Messages:-

There are several different ways that Mso.dll errors that can show up on your computer. Here, presenting more common ways, that you might see Mso.dll Errors:-

  • “Mso.dll Not Found”.
  • “This Application failed to start because Mso.dll was not found, hence re-installing this application may fix this problem.”
  • “Cannot find [PATH]\ Mso.dll”
  • “The file Mso.dll is missing”.

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Tips For Reducing Size Of Outlook Data Files

MS Outlook PST File are referred as Outlook repositories for email, contacts, calendars and much more. It becomes very large, if you are not paying any attention regarding speed and backups, that makes you to control on the size, before reaching that stage. PST file is basically used as containers for MS Outlook that has a specific storage limit on file, that depends on the version of Outlook. However, if you are ANSI user, then size limitation would be 2 GB, or if you are Unicode users, then the size limitation of PST would be 20 GB. So, whenever PST size gets oversize, then Outlook takes lots of time to open files or to respond files. The problem becomes even become more worse, when you try to access those emails or contacts, and you are responding with the error messages as:-

Error Messages Occur Due To Oversize PST File

  • File Could not get added to the folder. This action could not get completed.
  • File XXX.PST has reached its maximum size limit.
  • Errors have been detected into your Outlook PST File. You Should quit all mail-enabled applications.
  • Outlook.pst cannot be accessed 0x80040116.
  • An unknown error has occurred 0x80040119 and so on.

There is high need to reduce Outlook PST File Size

  • Need to Increase Outlook Speed and Performances.
  • Proper Outlook Management.
  • Avoid Outlook PST File Corruption.

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Outlook Data File Password Recovery

Any of your files, whether its preserved in the system, or in the clipboard of your office, once cannot bear it unwanted usage as these files might contain very crucial information. Hence, some users might lock the clipboard to preserve those files and protect them with strong password. This era of communications can also be known as the era of emails because nowadays most of the people are dependent upon emails for communication, and to share information overseas and so on.

Thus, to help its users in communication, Microsoft developed MS Outlook, a reliable email application that can be used to send or receive emails. MS Outlook is considered with lots of features as Calendaring, contact and other Task Manager, Notes, Web Browsing and journals. All these items of the Outlook data are saved in the Personal Folder file, known as PST file (.pst extension).

However, for most of the user, its most important to preserve data that is stored in the PST file, as it contain more reliable information that is related to office. Hence, for the same cause, users can opt the inbuilt password protection features of MS Outlook. Thus, whenever your PST File get encrypted, you can choose the one option among three encryption options, that is provided by MS Outlook while saving the file as:-

  • Choose no encryption option.
  • Compressible encryption option.
  • High encryption (for developed version after 2003).

So, if user choose the first option, it means that there is no need of encrypting the file.

By choosing second option, user can put restrictions on the file with desired password.

Why User Forgot Password For Outlook PST Files?

As we all know that, Outlook PST File Password is case sensitive, though its necessary for users to remember the cases, while putting any password in MS Outlook. Many times, system screen flashes different error messages as when you try to access their password, to protect PST File. Most of the frequent error messages, that fall on the system screen is “The Password you have typed is incorrect. Retype the Password”.

Reasons :- If you put any password to PST file and doesn’t select “Save this password in your password list” option, then it won’t be possible for the users to access the PST file again.

Precautions:- Users can check whether CapsLock is on or off. One should focus on the cases, whether they are using upper cases or lower cases.

So, the best option you can try is to install PST Repair Software as soon as possible into your system.

  • PST Repair Software will unlock Outlook PST File.
  • Remove bulky PST File Passwords.
  • Easy Graphical User Interface.
  • Also Allow to reset unlimited Password protection PST files.
  • There is no need of Microsoft Outlook Installation or Configuration.
  • It will remove old password and also eliminate applied protection.
  • PST Repair Software recover all your password types, whether its lengthy or multilingual passwords.
  • Support all versions of Windows OS.

PST Repair Software : Compact Your Outlook Personal Folders Files

MS Outlook always allows you to create Personal Folders (.pst) or Outlook Data files, to provide you additional storage capability, without using your quota on Office 365 server. You can also create additional folder to help in managing your mail. You may want to organize your mail into folders for each project, you are working on, or all the messages from your boss in separate folder. These personal folders can be used to save your email that you have no longer wish to keep on the server. They are also a good way to reduce the amount of space you are using towards your quota.

The personal folders are stored locally on your hard drive or any file server. If you store these personal folders on your hard drive, then you need to make sure that you should back up them on a regular basis.

Why do you need to Compact your Outlook Files?

Whenever you delete an item, in MS Outlook, it will move your Outlook Folders to “Deleted Items” folder. This “Deleted Items” folder can be very handy if you “delete” an item accidentally. Just go to the “Deleted Items” folder, and simply move it back from where it get came from.

However, these “Deleted Items” remains in this folder until you “Empty your “Deleted Items”.

You can eventually do this manually by selecting “Empty your Items”.

It can be performed automatically of you have the option to set “Empty deleted items” upon exit from Outlook.

When you finally empty your deleted items folder, although those items are no longer visible, but the space of those items once occupied, are still taking up the same amount of space in your data file. This is commonly referred as “White Spaces” or “Empty Spaces”, in a data file. It is regarded as “Placeholder” for a prior entry that is still taking up room, but does not contain any actual data.

Fortunately, this problem get solved by using Outlook Compact Utility. This utility will reclaim all your white space in your Outlook file that was previously held by these deleted items. It will reduce the amount of space that these files are occupying on your hard drive. It will help your Outlook system to run more effectively and efficiently, in opening and closing your Outlook data Personal file.

However, if your Personal files fail to get compact with this Outlook utility, you can install PST Repair Software, to repair your Personal folder file, if get corrupted or damaged. This reliable tool will also assist you in restoring or compact your Personal folders in Outlook in free manner. It get compatible with all versions of Windows OS System, and MS Outlook.

Know How To Fix Outlook Error “Set Of Folders Can’t Get Opened”

MS Outlook is regarded as a mail client that will help you in retrieving your emails from web or multiple email services. This Outlook 2013 is quiet complicated and its performance is based on the Internet Connections, add-ons, security software, system performance and so on. Some Outlook errors can be identified to be an installation or system issues or an Outlook Component easily.

“Set Of Folders Can’t Get Opened” Outlook Error can occur while downloading, opening, updating, closing, copying, pasting, sending or receiving any items in With Microsoft Outlook versions 2007, 2010, 2013 and other different versions.

Basic Symptom Of “Set Of Folders Can’t Get Opened”

This Outlook Error will prevent you from using your files or mails properly. It will not let you send or receive any messages and even more it will slows down your PC. Here, you will face system start-up problems, slow performance, blue screen and other freezing problem. This error can even crash your Outlook application.


The most common cause of “Set Of Folders Can’t Get Opened” is system corruption. Other than this, there is still some reasons, such as:-

  • Error in the Network Connection.
  • Over Sized Data files.
  • Issue with POP3 Server.
  • Indecent Account Settings.
  • Virus Attack.

This is regarded as Fatal error that is very harmful to your PC. This “Set Of Folders Can’t Get Opened” error can remove all your essential data from the Outlook PST File and even crash the Outlook application. Hence, whenever you try to send mails, it will show you following “Set Of Folders Can’t Get Opened” error message.

How To Fix “Set Of Folders Can’t Get Opened” Error:-

You should follow the steps as done by an Experience Computer Technician. But yet, users are not responsible if something went wrong, by following these steps. Hence, if these steps did not resolve your system issue, you can even follow these settings:-

  • Check your Network Settings:-
  • Check your Account Settings:-
  • Configure your Firewall:-
  • Reinstall your MS Office:-
  • Uninstall old Microsoft Office Application:-

In most of the cases, the Outlook Error Code “Set Of Folders Can’t Get Opened” cannot solved easily. Hence, if the problem still persists, you should download and install PST Repair Software, for solving this issue.

Having Great Difficulty In Archiving or Exporting PST File

Microsoft uses PST (Personal Storage File) file to restore your Calendars, Sent Items, e-mail, Journal Entries, and other tasks on the local Windows workstations. Here users are responsible for archiving that requires specific archive periods, file locations, folder and sub-folder locations etc.

This PST File format is used with the Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging. And Microsoft Outlook 97 / 98/ 2000 / 2002. Hence Microsoft Outlook 2003 introduced new functionality with support for Unicode data, it means, older versions of Microsoft Outlook encounter trouble when you trying to access or open your PST files from newer editions.

As Outlook 2007 PST file, like Outlook 2003, but not compatible with Outlook versions 2002 and its earlier one. Like that Outlook 2003 and 2007 can open PST Files that is created by Outlook earlier versions. These PST Files themselves are notorious for corruption. The storage format has proven so delicate that lots of Repair Utilities as Inbox Repair Tool / Scanpst.exe or other professional PST Repair Software exist for attempting to correct your common corruption issues.

PST File format has another drawback as its size limitation. It was limited to 1.933GB. Outlook 2003 has increased the size limitation of PST file to 30 GB, but the larger file will slows down your system. More worse, when PST Files fail to recover, most of the harm you get about loss of your messages, reports, attachments and other vital information.

Hence, you should choose better alternative to PST File Corruption.

Exporting PST File:-

You can export your email and mail folders, calendars, and appointments, tasks, journals, notes and other additional content from Outlook as a .PST file it can be saved to another media just like your file. However, it can only be get opened with Outlook, other programs will not be able to open a .PST File
Note:- if the .PST File contains any sensitive or confidential data, it must be adequately protected as per data storage and encryption related requirements.

Archiving Outlook PST Files:-

With MailStore Server, PST file can be archived directly. Here you can easily create and execute archiving tasks independently from users and their computers. The individual PST file should be made available centrally, through a network share.

For each PST File, please proceed as follows:-

  • In MailStore Server, click on the Archive Email.
  • From E-mail files category in the Create Profile Section, select Microsoft Outlook PST Files.
  • A Wizard will opens, that will guide you through the Set up process.
  • Then select Single User and then click on OK.
  • Here, a dialogue Window Archive Microsoft Outlook appears on your screen.
  • Select Archive Email Stored in a PST File as source and specify the PST File to be archived.
  • Click on Next.
  • If needed, then adjust the settings for the List Of Folders to be Archived, filter and Deletion rules.
  • Select the archive of the user for that selected PST file is to be archived.
  • Finally, just specify the name for new archiving profile.
  • After Clicking on Finish, profile will be listed under Saved Profiles and can run immediately, if desired.

However, you can also use PST Repair Software that will repair your corrupted PST Files smoothly , when you are unable to archive or export your PST File. The Inbox Repair Tool can help in repairing the corrupted PST file, but it contains some limitations. So, in this situation, you need to use PST Repair Software that possess strong ability to repair your PST file that get damaged due to another issues. This software is more friendly and have more interactive interface. It can installed into your PC easily. It get compatible with all versions of Outlook as well as Windows OS.

Tips And Tricks To Limit Use Of Personal Folder Files Over LAN And WAN

A .PST is a normal file that is based on file access driven method. Here, File access driven method literally means that the computer uses special file access commands that the Windows Operating system provides to read and write to the file. This is not efficient on WAN or LAN links because these links use network access driven methods, that commands the operating system to send / receive from another networked computer. Hence, if there is remote .pst over a network link, then Microsoft tries to use the file commands to read or write to the files, but here, Operating system then has to send those commands over the network, because this file is not on the local computer. It creates a great deal overhead and increases the time that it takes to read and write to the file. Further more, the use of .PST file over a network connection, may result in a corruption of .pst file if any connection degradation or fails.

Other behaviors Of .PST files over WAN and LAN links

  • All operations take longer.
  • Write operations can take approximately four times longer than the read operations.
  • Outlook has slows down its performance than the Exchange Client

Hence, because of these behaviors, Offline Folders (.ost) files and Personal Storage Table (.pst) files on a network share, that are accessed remotely, are also unsupported configurations.

As Microsoft has long maintained the storage of Outlook .PST file on the network share that cause performance issues on the server that host this network share. This is due to the method that Outlook uses to read and write data to and from these files. Hence, this method is appropriate for accessing a file over a network. Therefore, if network connection fails while the .pst file is being accessed, the file get corrupted.

Hence, there is no way to eliminate the problems that is caused by Network based .pst files without eliminating the cause. For this reason, if a Microsoft support agent is troubleshooting a performance issues on a Windows server and discovers that .pst files are being stored in the shared folders on that server, the agent will request that the .pst files can be removed from the shares before performing further troubleshooting.

There are some alternatives to network-stored .pst files –

  • Personal Archives, the Exchange Server 2010 or 2013 is used.
  • Running Outlook in Cached Exchange Mode that creates a local Offline Folders (.ost) file.
  • Running Outlook in a Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Session Host, or virtual environment.

Overview Of PST Repair Software:-

However, if you face lots of trouble and unable to specify the limits to use Personal Folders file over LAN and WAN links, then you are strongly recommended to use a most reliable and effective software known as PST Repair Software that will help you in repairing your .pst file. Because if you do it with yourself, then there might be great chance of damage of your essential data. Hence, in order to limit the use of personal folders over LAN and WAN links, you are highly suggested to use PST Repair Software with great ease.

Lose Personal Folder From Outlook 2013: What to Do Next?

Loosing folders from Outlook PST is really a serious trouble, as it cause huge loss of information from mailbox. Hence, if you have lost personal folders from Outlook 2013, due to unknown reasons, then you just need an effective tool to recover those lost folders.

MS Outlook 2013, is regarded as enriched version of Outlook, that contains lots of features as Attachment Remainder, Unread Mail Filter, Zoom Slider, Message Preview and so on. So, PST file that gets created with Outlook 2013 can save the data upto 50 GB, that is rarely used by Outlook users. So, sometimes, you may lose folders from Outlook 2013 PST File in some unexpected manner.

As after upgrading my system to Outlook 2010 to 2013, few folders get disappeared. These folders holds all essential documents regarding business. But now, I am looking forward to get back those missing folders on Windows system. Could some one help me in recovering my personal folders? Please Help!!!

Scenario that led to Outlook PST File Missing

  • Outlook 2013 file get missing due to virus attack.
  • Due to improper configuration.
  • Might cause due to increase in the number of bad sector on hard drive.
  • Other reasons may be System corruption, header corruption and so on.
  • Shut down your Outlook 2013 file in improper way.
  • Power failure while working on Outlook 2013.

Hence, in such circumstances, Outlook 2013 .PST file that can get disappear without giving any prior notification on Windows system. You can see Inbox Repair Tool, to fix this issue. Otherwise you should go for efficient PST Repair Tool.

Most Effective Tool To Retrieve Outlook 2013 Lost Folder

PST Repair Tool is proved as most effective tool that helps you to restore the missing folders in Outlook 2013. This software is used to recover the lost folders, with no trouble. It help to regain other data items as email, tasks, notes, calendar, items, personal folders, journals etc. it will fix your corrupt PST File as well as OST file smoothly. It will also extracts old emails from Outlook, old sent items, deleted draft email, Notes during repair process. However, this PST Repair Software contains simple user interface that helps user to operate this tool easily, without having prior knowledge. Beside using Outlook 2013, it works for other different versions as Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and so on. It also supports all versions of Windows system such as Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and so on. So, you should not wait for a single second, and install PST Repair Software as soon as possible into your PC.