Resolve Outlook 2013 Error 0x800cce05 in Window 10

Most of the Outlook users are now getting an error into their system, after upgrading their system to Windows 10. Its quite sure that after occurring of this error into your screen, you may not able to setup your email with outlook, and they get fails while sending and receiving their emails. Hence, if their Outlook 2013 fails to send mail, because of this error you may fix it, using these techniques. But before that, you should get familiar with the scenario that occurs, when it get inside your system.

Outlook is used as one of the widely used emails handling software that is developed by Microsoft. This is a stand-alone package with calendar, contact manager, task manager etc. Therefore, it reduces the hindrance of going back and forth to send and view emails, managing meetings and handle the tasks to be performed. So, for the users who rely on this, is essential to fix this Outlook error 0x800cce05 as soon as possible.

It appears as :-

An unknown error occurred, error code 0x800cce05 .

Task ‘e-mail address reported error 0x800cce05:- Synchronization Error’

Causes Of Outlook Error 0x800cce05:-

  • ISP Issue
  • System Level Conflict
  • SSL Connectivity / Port Block Issue
  • Steps To Resolve Outlook Error 0x800cce05

Step 1:- You should check if your network is behind Proxy

  • At first in start Searchbox type, CMD
  • Then click on CMD.

In command Prompt, copy the mentioned commands, by simply selecting the command and hold ctrl + C and then press Ctrl + V in command prompt.

Note:- You will need Administrator Access to Run the above command. Simply click on CMD button and select “Run As Administrator”.

If you get the message “Direct Access (no proxy server)”, continue to the next step otherwise disable proxy from Network Settings.

Step 2: Start Your Outlook in Safe Mode

  • At first, press Windows key + R and type Outlook / Safe.
  • Press Ok.

Hence, in most of the cases, Outlook Error Code 0x800cce05 should be resolved by following steps. But if the problem still does not get resolved that means the issue is due to the MS Office files Outlook PST File being Corrupted. Therefore, you should install PST Repair Software. This is known as most reliable and powerful application that will repair your PST file as well as help you out in solving this Outlook Error code 0x800cce05.

Resolve Outlook 2013 Search Not Working Issue

Most of the users have reported that Outlook 2013 search not working issue occur, when they have made attempts of searching anything on Outlook 2013. This issue results from different internal issue and search functionality  So many different configurations set up and internal issues give rise to different error messages, thus you need to follow the error message and then check with the issue to find the right method to fix Outlook 2013 search not working issue.

Causes of this error messages:-

When your Outlook 2013 is not working, you may encounter the error message that reads “No matches found”. Or you may notice that Outlook 2013 has returned some expected results. You may notice that Outlook 2013 has returned some expected results. Here you may notice this error message in the Indexing Status dialog in Outlook – “Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed ”. This outlook 2013 instant search error occurs if the user has made a search for items which do match. Especially, if these Windows Desktop Search (WDS) is set up to index Offline Outlook Data (.OST) file or (.PST) file. You may also face this error message that reads “We couldn’t find what you were looking for”. So, the reason why this error occurs is because an advanced Search function or searching on the server option do not use pre-built index which accelerates the search process.

Quick Fixes To Resolve Outlook 2013 Search Not Working Issues

Method 1:- You should Ensure Indexing Is Complete

Follow these steps to check if indexing is  complete

  • In Outlook 2013, you should click on the search option.
  • Select “Search tab”.
  • Select “Search Tools”
  • Select “Indexing Status”

The Indexing status dialog will pop-up. You will see this message as “Outlook has finished indexing all of your items”. “O items are remaining to the indexed”.

If the items are remaining to be indexed, then you should need to wait for a while and no longer you need to finish it. Once it complete, then you should check again. see that the number of items to be indexed are not reducing, then you need to opt different method.

Method 2:- Install PST Repair Software

If you are not sure that these steps will work or not, then you should install PST Recovery Software into your machine. As you should know that, this tool is built by great professionals, and uses strong mechanism, that will repair your corrupted or damaged PST File. So, to resolve Outlook 2013 search not working issue, you should install PST Repair Software as early as possible into your PC.

Fix OLE Outlook 2013 Registration Error

However, today while replying to the various forums, I have an encountered an error known as “OLE registration error”. After that I have took research on OLE Error and then found some interesting facts. This error is not much popular in comparison to other numerical errors. In MS Outlook. So, not able to get more information, but still find some solution.

Error Message:- “An OLE Registration Error occur. This program is not correctly installed . Hence, run Set up again for the program.”

How OLE Registration Error occur?

Simply, when you click on the New mail button and get a new window which works like MS Word. Exactly, Word Works as an E-mail editor for Microsoft Outlook. And absence of MS-Word and if its not installed in the same version as Microsoft Outlook which is already installed become the reason of an OLE Registration error. Simply, you click on the New mail button and get a new Window which works like MS-Word and if its not installed in the same version as Microsoft Outlook, which is already installed and become the reason of an OLE registration error. Simply, you click on the New mail button and get a new Window, which works like MS Word. Exactly MS Words works as an e-mail editor for Microsoft Outlook.

How To Fix OLE Registration Error ?

To fix OLE Registration Error, type “Regsvr32 ole32.dll” in the Run and then click on “Ok”.

Note:- To open the Run box, you can also take the help of a Window’s shortcuts “Windows + R”.

There is just a probability that above mention steps will work effectively in solving OLE Registration Error issue. But if you are still stuck in the same situation, then you should emptying the files that is located within an Outlook folder .

Here mentioning few steps to empty the files located in an Outlook folder:-

Windows XP Users:- C:\Documents and settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft Outlook
Windows 7 Users:- C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.

  • On reaching the defined path, you have to delete all the files of Microsoft Outlook Folders.
  • Start MS Outlook from the starting. Outlook will automatically re-create those deleted files and then start performing its functions properly.

Know Some Relevant Solutions To Fix An OLE Registration Error

  • Disable your COM Add-ins.
  • Suitable Settings of scanning programs.
  • Recreation of Outlook Profile.
  • Inbox Repair Tool.
  • Re-installation of MS Office.

But if these steps would not help you anymore in fixing this Outlook 2013 OLE Registration Error, then you should install PST Recover Software. This is specialized software that is built by professionals. It will help you in recovering all items that are related to your Outlook. This software is compatible with Windows OS. So, if you get any problem in solving this issue, you should install PST Recovery Software, and see its wonderful effects.

Ways To Reduce The Outlook Calendar Folder Size

As we know that MS Outlook is known to be very professional email application. However, Outlook calendars is used as houses for all requests meetings, reminders and other appointments. But most of the organization generally put data storage limit in their Outlook Usage. So, most of the people get around 100 MB of storage. Hence, continuous flow of emails and meeting requests will soon choked up with the storage limit of Outlook. To free up these spaces, you have to move mails to your personal folders, and deleting those meetings, appointments from Calendar which are expired. But you should wait that its trickiest part. So, cleaning up the emails is busy, but not the Calendar. So, if you are facing problem, in just reducing the size of your Outlook Calendar, then keep reading.

First to free up the space you should delete large attachments from the items. To do this, sort list, by attachment. This will show all the items with the attachments. So, you can open those items one by one and then delete those attachment and save. This will noticeably reduce the size of Outlook Calendar.

Secondly, you can delete the items which are old and have occurred in the past. Hence, to do this, you will need to sort the Calendar items by “End Date”. You can ideally delete any items older that one week. So, this will leave only items which either occurred in last week or that will occur in future. Hence, reducing size of your Outlook Calendar to mere KBs.

So, if you have problem using these methods to reduce Outlook Calendar folder size, then you can install PST Recovery Software as soon as possible into your PC. This is a well known tool that is design by professional experts. This tool is get compatible with all Windows Operating system versions. So, to reduce the Outlook Calendar Folder size, you have to install PST Recovery Software as soon as possible into your system.

Does Your Outlook Email Stuck In Outbox

What do you mean, if you doesn’t receive your emails, last night. Now you are getting upset as you have to review the Powerpoint Presentation that never met to its recipients.

However a common complaint of Outlook users is that their send email takes too much time, or hangs or traps messages in the Outbox. Here providing some troubleshooting instructions that should help you to get your messages, while traveling smoothly again. These steps can apply to all versions of Outlook.

First of all you have to try re-sending those emails. For this, you have to go to the Send / Receive tab, and then click Send All. Here, you will see a dialogue box that shows results of the process, and your email might exit the Outbox. But if doesn’t work, just follow these steps:-

1. Make sure that your Outlook is Online

In your status bar, at the bottom of your Outlook message, you will see a status of “Disconnected” or “trying to connect” that could explain why your messages are not sending. Hence, if your mail is hosted on an on-premise Exchange server. Its possible that the local server is down. Here, you may want to check with your admin. So, if you use Office 365, then you should check your Internet connection, just wait for few minutes to make sure that its not momentary Office 365, and then try again.

2. Check Your Email Settings

Are you sure, your email is supposed to send immediately? So, if you have a set of rule to delay message sending, you will see your mail in your Outbox for a while.

3. Is your message being slowed down by a large attachment?

Its depend on the speed of your Internet service provider. However, if you have attached a large file to your email messages, then you may see it sitting in the Outbox, because it take simply a while to send, and block all your subsequent emails from sending.

4. Use the correct password

If you have recently changed your password, then you will have to make sure that Outlook knows the correct password. So, from the File → Account Settings → Change → Logon Information → Password Box → Type new password.

5. Resend directly from the Outbox

However, if your Outlook settings are configured in a certain way, then you won’t be able to send emails if you have opened or clicked on them after you have clicked on send I.e, if you have marked them as read from the Outbox. Hence, in this case, just open you email from the Outbox, browse to a new folder so you won’t automatically re-mark it as read, and then click on Send on the stuck email.

Moreover, if these tips won’t work for you, then you have another solution for those pesky stuck emails. You have to install PST Repair software, to send or receive your emails that are already stuck in Outbox. This is regarded as most effective and powerful tool that is built by professionals, in order to prevent your damaged or corrupted Outlook PST file. This software works with all versions of Windows OS. So, you don’t need to worry when your emails stuck in the Outbox. Just install and use this PST Repair Software, and see its wonderful effects.

Where Does Scanpst.exe Located And How Does It Work?

MS Outlook has an in-built repair tool that will help its users to diagnose and repair your corrupted and damaged PST or OST files. This in-built Outlook Repair Tool is used commonly as scanpst.exe and it gets installed in machine as soon as user installs the Outlook as mailing clients in their machine. The main purpose of Scanpst.exe is to diagnose and repair the file errors. As the name suggest, this Inbox Repair Tool only scans PST and OST file, not the mailbox on Server. So, by scanning the PST, tool checks weather the file structure is intact or not. So, if it finds the problem in the file structure, then it first reset its structure and then rebuilt the headers.

Here, you have to get enriched information and locate Scanpst.exe or Inbox Repair Tool in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. You have to search out where Scanpst.exe is located in local system for Windows 32 bit as well as 64 bit for your MS Outlook version.

Outlook 97 / Outlook 98 :- C:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Messaging\scanpst.exe

Outlook 2000 :- C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\\NT\scanpst.exe

Outlook 2002/XP :- C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\\scanpst.exe

Outlook 2003-32 Bit Windows :- C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\

Outlook 2003-64 Bit Windows :- C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\

Outlook 2007-32 Bit Windows :- C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

Outlook 2007-64 Bit Windows :- C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12

Outlook 2013-32 Bit Windows :- C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15

Outlook 2013-64 Bit Windows :- C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15

Outlook 2016-32 Bit Windows (Click to Run) :- C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

Outlook 2016-64 Bit Windows (Click to Run) :- C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

It happens usually when the scanpst.exe fails to fix the corrupted PST Files and the basic reason behind this, is the limitation of this inbuilt tool. So, at this point, some experts suggested to go through the PST Repair Software , which is a third-party tool. This tool is an advanced software that will easily repairs your PST Files.

Fix Email Message Body Get Blank In Outlook 2013

Shortly after upgrading to the Outlook 2013 from Outlook 2010, one of the users complaint that some of his emails were showing up with invisible text in the message body. He knew there was text there, because he could highlight the invisible text and then copy and paste into the Word.

I have quickly determine that, it was only a plain text emails that were affected, which led me to investigate the font options. Sure enough, somehow the font option for reading and composing plain text emails, that had been sent to a white font.

Email Messages with the body of the email missing as well as messages that are returned as undelivered without a header are symptom of a known with two commonly used antivirus products:

  • AVG
  • NOD32

Most of the time Message bodies disappear In Outlook, and this is regarded as well known issues of two commonly used antivirus softwares as AVG and NOD32. It usually happens like-

  • A message arrives in the Exchange Mailbox, and is synchronized with Outlook.
  • The AVG and NOD32 add-on, which is added to Outlook automatically, as if you have the software installed, deletes the message body.
  • The message is then synchronize with the server, so it is also synchronized with OWA and other wireless devices.
  • So, to prevent this from happening, you just need to remove AVG and NOD32 add-in the Outlook.

Note:- This solution will not restore messages texts that have already been deleted. These add-ins mentioned above, both deletes message bodies permanently.

To remove an add-in from Outlook 2010 / 2013

  • On the File menu, then click Options to open up the Outlook Options dialog.
  • Select Add-ins from left sidebar.
  • In the Manage field, then choose COM add-ins and click Go.
  • From the COM Add-Ins dialog, select add-in that you want to change and select Remove.

In some cases, you may get this email message body as blank in Outlook 2013, due to some encryption tools, which means that pgp desktop fails to decrypt incoming messages due to conflict in proxy server. The all data in Outlook that includes e-mail is a part of PST file. To deal, with any corruption issue with the PST file, there is an inbuilt tool, named as Scanpst is available in Outlook. But it has some limitations so that it fails in solving major problems. In that case, you should take the help of PST Repair Software, that comes in interactive interface. So, you should not wait, and install PST Repair Software as early as possible into your system.

Recover Outlook Express Emails With PST Repair Software

Most of the people delete their emails just to avoid the increasing size of their Outlook Express Inbox, later on they realize that they have deleted some important emails for which they do not have backup.. So, if you find yourself in this situation, then you should not worry. There is a way to recover those deleted Outlook Express Mails.

The “.dbx” and “.mbx” files are mainly used by Outlook Express for storing their files. However, each mailbox in Outlook Express has its own file with the extensions of “.dbx”, and all emails from a given mailbox are kept in that one file. So, together with these are saved in a folder named as “Stored folder”, which is located deep inside the “Documents and Settings” folder.

Furthermore, the major security threat to any mail storage files is data loss. Hence, the general loss of emails could be due to virus invasion, system format, and accidental deletion of emails, and so on.

However, when you accidentally delete an email in Outlook Express, then immediately EXIT Outlook Express and DO NOT TRY TO COMPACT the email folders.

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Word Documents Won’t Open After Upgrading Outlook 2013

MS Word fails to open Word Attachments in emails, or documents sent by email. Hence, if you see any error similar errors, then the suggested resolution may be

  • Checking the file permission for the documents or drive.
  • Here you should make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space.
  • Open the file with the Text Recovery Converter.

In general, this problem occurs due to the updates to the Trust and Security settings in Office 2013, so that documents have been sent by email or downloaded from the Internet are treated, by default, as having come from an insecure location.

Basically there are two ways to resolve these issue, that totally depends on whether you just want to accept or open the single document, or to make the changes for all documents sent by email etc.

You Should Make Changes For A Single Document:-

  • So, to make changes for a specific document that you receive by email you need to follow the process as mentioned below:-
  • You should save the attachment to a temporary work folder, as for example, My Documents or Temp Folder.
  • Now, right click on the Saved document and then go to Properties.
  • Then in the Security Settings at the bottom of the document properties, there is an UnBlock button.
  • Press Unblock button, and you are now able to open your document in Word.

Make Changes For All Document

  • From the file , click on Options Menu, then select Trust Center, then press Trust Center Settings buttons on right hand side. This will then open an screen.
  • Now select the Protected View setting, from the left hand side of the screen.

By default, you will find there 3 options for protecting files:-

  • Originating from the Internet.
  • Located in potentially unsafe locations.
  • As Outlook Attachments.
  • Here, you should uncheck the options that you do not want to allow.
  • Now, press Ok button, twice, and then close out the Options tab.
  • Then, you will now be able to open files from the Internet and as Outlook attachments without having to individually enable the functions on each file.

Use PST Repair Software To Solve This Issue:-

Here, you can follow the same procedure for Outlook Application. Using these steps you can rectify these problems. If you still unable to open your Word Document from Outlook 2013 then, we recommend that you should opt for trusted and robust third-party tool known as PST Repair Software. This Software is generally created with high skilled professionals, that uses advanced algorithms. It possess strong capability to fix this issue. So, don’t waste your time, and install PST Repair Software as soon as possible into your system.

Outlook Messages Disappear When Moved To Folders

Your emails are disappearing in Outlook 2013. You have dragged an email message from your Outlook Inbox folder to a sub folder, and now its disappeared. It is a strange thing that your message get disappear from your Outlook 2013. So, here you just need to be sure, that you have checked the folders to see, if it has been dragged there by mistake. This can happen in Outlook 2013, especially if you have a lot of sub folders . When you are in hurry, or you are doing an Inbox cleanup, its easy to drag a message to the wrong folder by mistake, and difficult to find afterwards. So, you should also check the Outlook deleted Folder to see, to see what happened to your messages, where it gone.

Outlook Messages Disappear :-

Furthermore, if you have checked the items mentioned above, and your emails is not in another folder or your Deleted folder, then chances are greater, that its is in the right place, just see!!! Its a setting in your sub folder view settings. In these, few simple steps you can make sure that you are seeing all the email messages in that folder. Hopefully, once you have followed these instructions, you will be fully able to see all the email messages in that folder, and your email messages will be also present there too. So, no longer Outlook messages disappear!!!

  • Here, in Outlook 2013, you should click on the View tab for the ribbon bar.
  • Then, click on the folder, you want and then click on View Settings.
  • Now, you have to go to Advanced, and see if there is any advanced filtering is shown.
  • If it does so, then remove it and click on OK button.

Hence, if still the problems persists then just you need to download and install PST Repair Tool, which works automatically, to find out the existing problems and fix it out easily. As, this software also does the repairing of your Outlook, and you can easily open and access on to it without having any worry.