Outlook Messages Disappear When Moved To Folders

Your emails are disappearing in Outlook 2013. You have dragged an email message from your Outlook Inbox folder to a sub folder, and now its disappeared. It is a strange thing that your message get disappear from your Outlook 2013. So, here you just need to be sure, that you have checked the folders to see, if it has been dragged there by mistake. This can happen in Outlook 2013, especially if you have a lot of sub folders . When you are in hurry, or you are doing an Inbox cleanup, its easy to drag a message to the wrong folder by mistake, and difficult to find afterwards. So, you should also check the Outlook deleted Folder to see, to see what happened to your messages, where it gone.

Outlook Messages Disappear :-

Furthermore, if you have checked the items mentioned above, and your emails is not in another folder or your Deleted folder, then chances are greater, that its is in the right place, just see!!! Its a setting in your sub folder view settings. In these, few simple steps you can make sure that you are seeing all the email messages in that folder. Hopefully, once you have followed these instructions, you will be fully able to see all the email messages in that folder, and your email messages will be also present there too. So, no longer Outlook messages disappear!!!

  • Here, in Outlook 2013, you should click on the View tab for the ribbon bar.
  • Then, click on the folder, you want and then click on View Settings.
  • Now, you have to go to Advanced, and see if there is any advanced filtering is shown.
  • If it does so, then remove it and click on OK button.

Hence, if still the problems persists then just you need to download and install PST Repair Tool, which works automatically, to find out the existing problems and fix it out easily. As, this software also does the repairing of your Outlook, and you can easily open and access on to it without having any worry.

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