Free Download Outlook PST Repair Software – Easily Fix Corrupt PST Files

PST Repair Software is the most reliable and easy to use utility with the help of which it is really made simple to scan and fix corrupted Outlook Personal folder files items and restore the same back in usable condition. The software works on advanced scanning algorithm which makes it possible to do recovery of missing, corrupted, deleted and lost items back efficiently and quickly in all cases. In order to repair those damaged files, exhaustive scanning of the same is first of all done, following which it is all easy to get the issues rectified.

Download PST Repair Tool Free to Fix Corrupt Outlook Data Files

Free Download Outlook PST Repair Tool

What makes PST Repair Tool unique is all ways is not only the advanced features it comes equipped with but the fact that the utility is available for free Download. This means anytime you come across an issue with PST file or fail to access it, then it is really easy to download this freeware program for scanning and finding errors within. The software upon scanning not only reports the errors it finds, but also shows the file preview after repair and this is how users can know if the file can actually be repaired this way or not.

Freeware PST Repair Software

Compatible with – Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 & all other earlier versions
Works with – Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000, NT etc 

Once you are done with it, it becomes very clear that your files could actually be repaired aided with this very utility and with the software license key purchased, you could all easily save those files previewed in the search results. With this equipped utility easy fix and recovery of all those missing items is possible and the application being read only assures for complete safety of the data items contained within and the same wont be modified or lost in any form whatsoever. Below is given the easy to follow guide that aids in fixing errors that exist in the file, thereby making the same usable once again.

Step by Step Guide – How PST Repair Tool Works?

Step 1 :- After having the software downloaded and installed get it launched, from the main window that appears ‘select outlook file’ option and from there browse to find or select PST file and then click on start button.

Step 2 :- Following this you can see the scanning process in progress with the bars indicating the same. Here users do have the option to stop the scan process in between.

Step 3 :- The process on completion will list mail folders on the left pane and complete information about the same can be obtained by clicking on that specific message which is then listed on the right side and this applies for each of the items contained within personal folder.

Step 4:- Select the items desired and then click on ‘save repaired file’ option as this will complete the recovery task done. Desired format may be selected for saving the file required and a desired destination for saving the same may also be specified here.

Step 5:- The progress for file being saved then can be viewed.

Step 6:- On successful completion of the process, a message reading as ‘repaired file saved’ gets displayed and with this the process is successfully completed.

Right after following these steps, the PST file gets repaired easily and is saved on the location specified. After importing the same to Outlook the same can be used thereafter easily. So just get the software downloaded onto your system in order to accomplish easy scan, fix and recovery of the items back in place.


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