Guidelines To Fix MS Outlook 2010 Error 0x800ccc0f (The Connection to the Server was Interrupted)

Because of some unusual activities or weird circumstances, you may face some kind of errors in MS Outlook. Error 0x800ccc0f is one of the most common error of Outlook 2010 for which several complaints has been recorded that it’s very difficult to get rid of it. But, don’t get hyper, it’s not such difficult like you are thinking. In order to resolve this issues, just go through this page.

What is Error 0x800ccc0f ?

In general, Error 0x800ccc0f aroused while trying to send or receive SMTP based emails. Disappointing part is that, it appears suddenly without generating any sign in advance. You may get this error when everything seems to be alright. In Outlook 2010, this error occurs as send receive error 0x800ccc0f. Although, it’s also found in Outlook 2013. In older version of outlook like 2000 and 2002, one can also infested with this error.


Causes Of Error 0x800ccc0f Occurrence

  • MS Outlook blocking by MS Windows Firewall.
  • Corrupted or damages Outlook profile data.
  • Any type of connectivity issues in the network or Internet.
  • Incorrect server settings.
  • Enabling of antivirus e-mail protection utility since it checks emails as and when they cum in from your POP server.
  • Incorrect Outlook profile settings.

After seeing all such causes for generation of this particular error, you must understand that, you can try for some handy fixes in order to resolve this issues.

Resolving Outlook error 0x800ccc0f

For resolving this error, several approaches may be involved for different cause. Just follow each steps one by one.

Check your Internet connection

Primarily, make sure that, your system is sending / receiving data over the Internet or not. In order to check this,

  • Launch your browser and type any website’s URL (like . If it takes you to that particular domain, then it means that you are connected to Internet properly.
  • In case if it doesn’t happens, then you have to troubleshoot network connectivity problems. Just Right-clicking on Wi-Fi connection signal or Ethernet cable connection signal and then select “Troubleshoot Problems” options from the pop-up menu.

Disable Windows Firewall and Anti-virus utility

  • Click Start and select Control Panel. Go to Network Connection
  • Then right click on your Internet connection which you are using.
  • Select ‘Properties’ from the menu.
  • Then move to ‘Security’ tab, and then switch off the Firewall.
  • After doing all these, you need to add the incoming POP server name ( and the outgoing SMTP server name ( manually in the E-mail Accounts of the Outlook.
  • Then go to Outlook again and select Tools. Click E-mail Accounts. Then view or change existing e-mail accounts. Click Next.
  • Click Add in the E-mail Accounts dialog box.
  • Click POP3 and then go to Next.
  • There type accurate information for your POP3 mail server. Click Next and hit on Finish.
  • Check and ascertain your Outlook account settings

Note: Outlook profile settings may be will differ for each different version of Outlook. So, read carefully about the settings of the profile and how to change them and then proceed cautiously.

Start Outlook in Safe mode

Open Outlook in Safe mode and disables add-ins. Means, launch it with just the basic settings. In case, if any faulty add-ins is the causes for this problem then this will find out the issue.
From the ‘Start’ menu, in the Search box, type outlook.exe /safe and click OK.

Run Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST.exe or ScanOST.exe)

If you got fail to resolve this issues even after dong all above methods, then problem might lie in a faulty PST or OST. In that case, you can try to repair it using Microsoft’s in-built inbox repair tools ScanPST.exe and ScanOST.exe.

Suggested Solution:

No doubt, inbox repair tools helps you fix this issues But, it’s also truth that it’s very time taking and slow process and you may even get fail also. So, the best alternative option is Outlook PST Repair Tool. This very powerful tool has been specially designed by the team of experts by taking very advanced algorithm that helps you to get rid of all such errors like Outlook 2010 Error 0x800ccc0f and its related issues.