Fix Outlook 2010 Problems With PST Repair Tool

220Outlook_TileIf you want more upgraded features in your Microsoft Outlook email client, then Outlook 2010 is the best messaging application. All folders inside the mailbox of users in this program are stored and subsequently saved in PST also known as Personal Storage Table files. Millions of users Worldwide opt for this Outlook 2010 latest version as it is equipped with enhanced functionalities and is reliable for email communication as well as organizing contacts, notes, drafts, calender entries, appointments, tasks and many others with the simple to use interface. MS Outlook works flawlessly as long as PST file is accessible. But sometimes it can stop working and users encounter a number of error messages . When the user gets messed with their email messages then the PST repair 2010 issue has to be resolved to get the things work again.

What Error Messages You May Get After PST Corruption In Outlook ?

When the user tries to send, read, receive or delete emails, error messages will pop up like

  • “The file xxx.pst is not a personal folders file”
  • “The file xxx.pst could not be found”
  • “Messaging interface has caused an unknown error”
  • “An unknown error has occurred : 0x8004060”
  • “An unknown error has occurred : 0x80040119”
  • “.pst has reached maximum size limit.”
  • “File Pathfilename.pst could not be accessed, data error, cyclic redundancy check.”

What Causes An Error In Outlook PST ?

It is quite possible that PST file gets corrupted for many reasons, that includes virus contamination from the host server, deletion of data accidentally, shutdown of system abruptly, improper installation of Outlook application and many others. When Outlook files are damaged, the user cannot access their mailbox items. There can be one important point causing corruption in outlook file. There is a maximum limitation of file size which was set to 2 GB in earlier versions of Outlook. As soon as the file reaches 2 GB, pst data is corrupted. However, in latest versions of Outlook 2010 and 2013 that uses the UNICODE format has maximum file size of 50 GB. Due to hefty attachments, Outlook 2010 files also become corrupted and develops inevitable errors. With many vital PST data, it is important to handle the problem at the earliest.

Reasons For Corruption Related To Software


  1. Virus Attacks
  2. Exit from Outlook abruptly
  3. Corruption in file header
  4. Over size of PST files
  5. PST files that are broken

Related To Hardware

  1. Errors in network device
  2. Bad sector in hard disk where the PST get stored
  3. Corruption in storage media
  4. Interrupted supply of power

Scanpst.exe Or Inbox Repair Tool in Outlook

To resolve minor issues in Outlook, you can use the official repairing tool which is included with Microsoft Office suite. However the scanpst.exe executable file is not found in MS Office 2010 Tools folder. So you are needed to navigate to the location of scanpst.exe file – C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 folder. After finding the inbox repair tool, you can double-click on it to run this utility and hit the start button to scan and fix the errors. The only limitation to Scapst.exe file is that it cannot repair severely corrupted pst file because only the corruption in header structure gets resolved. When the internal data is damaged the inbox repair tool fails to resolve.

A Comprehensive Third Party PST Repair Tool Is Recommended For PST Repair 2010

As Scanpst.exe is incapable to fix the sophisticated problems in Outlook files, a third party PST Repair tool is mostly recommended for PST Repair 2010 and all versions in Outlook including 2013. PST Repair tool will scan the corrupted PST file first and then recover all the mailbox items into a new PST file which can be saved at desired destination for future references. PST Repair tool is a relevant program to deal with all sorts of minor as well as major corruptions.

Why PST Repair Is Preferred By Users To Fix PST Corruption In Outlook ?

Due to the user-friendliness interface and faster recovery of PST files, PST Repair tool is the trustworthy to prevent data loss circumstances. Since the inbuilt tool By Microsoft in Outlook has restricted features, PST repair software can be used effectively for fixing serious corruptions in few clicks and keystrokes. All the inaccessible data in Outlook is recovered easily with this tool. Owing to the quickness and accuracy, this third party tool has become extremely popular with users of Outlook application.

Software Features

  1. Successfully repairs severe problems and PERMANENTLY deleted PST files. You can also recover lost or forgotten PST passwords.
  2. Over sized files are easily restored through splitting.
  3. Selective recovery is facilitated and you can also filter the specific emails with Find option.
  4. You can save recoverable items in multiple format like HTML, XML, TXT, PST, MSG.
  5. Supports all latest Windows versions 7, 8, 8.1 and MS Outlook 2010, 2013
  6. Demo version is available free for the trial purposes.

User Guide : Step By Step Outlook PST Repair 2010 And All Versions

Step 1 :- After launching the PST Repair software, click on “Select outlook file” for selecting the corrupted PST file or click on ‘Find Outlook File’ for searching PST files. Click on ‘Start’ button.


Step 2 :- The software will start scanning the file that has been selected and the status is shown in two progress bars. You may also stop this process by clicking on ‘Stop’.


Step 3 :- After the scanning is finished, all recoverable mail folders are displayed on the left pane. You can also preview the content on the right side of interface by selecting any email message, contacts etc. in the middle pane.


Step 4 :- Click on ‘Save Repaired File’ button after the recovery process gets completed. You can also select the desired format of file for saving the repaired PST, click on ‘Browse’ for selection of destination. Then click on ‘OK’.


Step 5 :- The progress bar will show the process of PST repair. You may click ‘Stop’ button anytime to terminate the process.


Step 6 :- On successfully getting the process completed, you will get the message ‘Repaired File Saved at..’