Get an Effective Solution for PST Repair 2013

out1Microsoft Outlook is one of the widely used email-client application. It is being used in large numbers of organizations for easy and safe management of informations. However, Outlook is a part of MS Office suite but can also be used as stand-alone application. Multiple users in an organization can share mailboxes and calendars of Outlook when used in coordination with MS Exchange Server. It can be considered as one of the best Personal Information Manager as it helps users to manage their personal data like emails, contacts, notes, appointments and reminders etc. Several versions of Outlook have been launched by Microsoft and the latest one is Outlook 2013.

Lets Know What’s New in Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 is latest and advanced version of Microsoft Outlook which is endowed with several high-tech features. It is offering easy communication facilities for the users so that they can perform email operations in much easier manner. This latest version of email client application let you accomplish your tasks in much easier manner as compared to earlier ones. Below are the unique features which one can avail while working on Outlook 2013:

Captivating User Interface : It comes with attractive and advanced graphical user interface which is easy to run an use. Menu are much more dynamic than before.

Read Mode : It includes new “read mode” button on the bottom clicking on which allows you to read emails and messages in a quicker and easier manner.

Attachment Reminder : Attachment reminder feature of Outlook reminds you if you mentioned about any attachment in email and forgets to attach.

Customize Inbox : It offers you facilities to customize the inbox and create folders the way you want to use.

Weather Bar : It is special feature of Outlook 2013 which gives weather forecast. You can determine the weather conditions like humidity conditions, wind level and precipitation etc. You can add locations of weather conditions user want to know.

All above features make Outlook 2013 much more advanced and functional. But at the same time you should not forget that no any application is free from corruption issues and so this latest version also. Some of the Outlook users have reported that sometimes they experience errors and certain issues while working. Often users also face problems while using Outlook 2013 in Windows 8. At times it happens that users unable to start Outlook in Windows 8. It actually happens due to compatibility issues or if latest service pack is not installed which usually fixes after resolving these issues. But in some cases it happens that users come across certain errors which they unable to fix manually or using inbuilt tool scanpst.exe. In such conditions only advanced third-party PST Repair Software helps users to fix the occurring errors and perform PST repair 2013.

Common Errors of Microsoft Outlook 2013

  • Outlook 2013 Crashed In Wwlib.dll
  • Cannot open default email folders in Outlook 2013
  • Outlook 2013 Hangs on Loading Profile
  • Error code 0x800ccc0f
  • outlook error code 0x800ccc0e
  • Outlook 2013 startup issues
  • Error while archiving folders
  • Error 0x8004010F

After appearance of these errors it becomes difficult to perform several tasks like unable to start the application, face problems while send receive operations and often while opening PST files. All these problems arises due to corruption of pst files and you need to perform PST repair 2013 in order to fix the issues. But before starting you must know how actually the files gets damaged.

How Outlook 2013 Files Gets Damaged ?

  • Unexpected closure of Outlook application
  • Abrupt power supply
  • Damaged or corrupt meta-data structure
  • Malfunctioning of application
  • Damaged Outlook profile
  • Improper installation of Outlook application

If you are facing errors while working on MS Outlook 2013 on any versions of Windows PC then first of all you need to check all above issues.

Solutions to Fix Outlook 2013 ErrorsRules-error

  • Recreate new Outlook Profile
  • Delete corrupt emails
  • Repair damaged pst files using inbuilt repair tool
  • Reinstall MS Outlook

However, most of the users tries to fix the corruption issues of Outlook and perform PST repair 2013 using an inbuilt repair tool present in application. Most of the time it works and solve the problems. But sometimes it happens that scanpst tool fails to restore damaged files of Outlook and problem persists. In such conditions users need to use an advanced Outlook PST Repair Software.

With the help of trustworthy software you can easily repair and restore corrupt pst files and can fix all common errors of Outlook. The software is developed using advanced techniques and powerful algorithm using which it easily detect and restore damaged PST files. In case you are unable to resolve the corruption issues using inbuilt tool then best option is to use advanced software to repair the damage. PST Repair Software comes with advanced and latest features which is capable to perform PST repair 2013 of Outlook 2013 and all other versions.

Features of Outlook PST Repair Software

The Outlook PST repair is specifically designed to repair corrupt PST file.Some of its features are listed below.

  1. Recovers Corrupt PST File :- The Outlook PST helps to recover all corrupt PST files and restores it to new PST including all Outlook data file, emails attachments, journals, notes, contacts etc.
  2. GUI Look and Feel :- The software is designed in such a way to meet the interface of MS Office 2007 that makes user’s to easily handle it without any errors interruption.
  3. Large PST Files Repairs :- Repairs of large PST Files more than 2 GB can be easily done by the user by using this PST repair tool that retrieves files and all information in much efficient way.
  4. PST Encrypted Recovery :- PST Encrypted Recovery is also possible by this repair software as it recover and repair data from password protected file. This is useful for those user who want to keep their email information safe and secure.
  5. Mails Preview :- The recovery software displays a lists of preview of all scanned items before the recovery is carried out which helps users to select items that need to be recovered.
  6. Log Details :- It contains all log report details that is perform during the repair process so that in future it can be saved and viewed.
  7. Formats to Save Emails :- User can choose various formats to save their emails such as MSG, EML, HTML, RTF and PDF according to their need and requirement and also have a preview of these tasks from preview window.
  8. Recovery Supports :- It allows user to select specific items to save from the Outlook recovery software and search mails by Date, Sender, Recipient as required.
  9. PST File Save At Desired Location :- As the software completes its recovery it ask users the desired location to save the new PST file on your computer. It can also be save to any network location or external media.
  10. PST Search Option :- The PST Search Option is inbuilt with in the application that allows user to search all PST files in selected volume and helps to select affected PST file to participate in repair and recovery process.
  11. Support and Compatibility :- The software can perform repair on various operating system such as Windows8/7, Vista, XP 2003/2000 etc and MS Outlook program such as 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002,XP and 2000.

*User Guide for Outlook PST Repair Software*

Step 1 :-  When user starts the application, the main page of the application will appear. To repair any particular PST files in the ‘Select Outlook Mailbox’ dialog click ‘Select Outlook File’. To search any particular PST files click ‘Find Outlook File’. At the end,click ‘Start’ button for further action.


Step 2 :- The software will start searching the given files and the result will be showed in two progress bars. To stop the function click ‘Stop’.


Step 3 :- When the software completes its searching, all searched mail folders will be in the left pane. Click an email message in the middle pane, its message will display in the right-most pane.


Step 4 :- To save repaired file click ‘Save Repaired File’ button which is on the toolbar. Choose particular file format to save repaired PST files, click ‘Browse’ to choose file destination, after all click ‘OK’.


Step 5 :-  The progress bar will show the PST repair progress, to stop the progress click ‘STOP’.


Step 6 :- After successful completion of the process, user will get a message ‘Repaired File Saved at:…