Outlook 2007 Error 0x800ccc0f – How To Fix Error 0x800ccc0f

Error 0x800ccc0f is one of the most popular error in Outlook 2007 for which various complaints from Outlook users has been recorded. Possible reason of this error involves network problem, server problem or long period of network inactivity. Here we are going to discuss some of the manual methods and the best alternative option to get rid of this particular error.



Several methods are provided and you can go for them one by one. Check for the error and if you still getting this while sending or receiving any error, then try for next one.

Method 1: Primarily make sure that you are connecting to Internet properly with stronger connection.

  • You can check this simply by starting your browser like Internet browser.
  • Then type any of the active addresses (like http://www.pstrepairinfo.com) in the address bar. Then after press Enter.
  • And if you are experiencing any of the connectivity issues, go to troubleshoot network connectivity and deal it properly.

Method 2: Be sure that correct Outlook email account settings.

Sometimes, Error 0x800ccc0f might be happened because of incorrect settings in outlook email account. so before going for another method, just correct it.

Method 3: Remove all the distrustful email messages from mailbox

It has been revealed that malicious email messages do have capability to block your receiving error message in Outlook. So, if any then delete it. regarding this purpose, access your mailbox through using ISP’s web-based email program and after doing that delete all the e-mail content or messages. Or you can simply contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them to remove e-mail messages.

Method 4 : Be sure that your email profile is working correctly ( only Outlook )

You can check whether email profile is working correctly or not by creating a new email profile. And you are capable to send or receive email messages through freshly created email profile, then make the new Outlook profile as the default one.

Step 1: Situate the default Outlook data file

  1. Go to Control Panel and then click on Mail.
  2. Click Show Profiles in the Mail Setup – Outlook dialog box. 1
  3. Choose your present Outlook profile. Hit on Properties. 2
  4. Click Data Files from the Mail Setup – Outlook dialog box. 3
  5. In the Account Settings dialog box, select the Data Files tab in. Then after note down the name and location of the profile’s default data file. (default data file will be pointed by a check mark ). 5
  6. Click on Close.

Step 2: Make a new Outlook profile

After knowing the name and location of your profile’s default data file, you can use only one of the following methods in order to create a new Outlook profile.

Method A: Create an IMAP or POP3 email account through using auto account setup.

Note : By default, IMAP account will be created by the auto account setup if your email server is supportable to both IMAP and POP3. If you wish to make POP3 account, follow the manual steps. Although, if your only supports POP3, auto account setup will make a POP3 account.

  1. Go to Control Panel and click on Mail.
  2. Click Show Profiles from the Mail Setup – Outlook dialog box.11
  3. Click Add from the General tab available in the Mail dialog box. 22
  4. Enter the new profile name in the New Profile dialog box. Click OK.
  5. Then type your email account information in the Add New Account dialog box, and further click Next. 33
  6. Click on Finish after successful configuration of your your account.
Method B: Make an IMAP or POP3 email account manually
  1. Launch Control Panel and then click on Mail.
  2. Click Show Profiles in the Mail Setup – Outlook dialog box. 44
  3. Click on Add in the General tab from Mail dialog box. 55
  4. Enter the new profile name in the New Profile dialog box and click on OK. 
  5. Now, select Manually configure server settings or additional server types in the add new account dialogue box. Click Next.  2659107
  6. Select Internet E-mail in the Choose Service dialog box. Click Next. 77
  7. Now, enter your account details in the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box, click OK.
  8. Now test your account by clicking on Test Account Settings. (Note:  If you are not sure of your account derails properly or correctly, then it’s better to contact your ISP. )
  9.  Choose existent Outlook Data File. Click Browse. 88
  10. Locate and select the Outlook data file in the Open Outlook Data File dialog box which you antecedently located. then after click on OK.
  11. Hit Next.
  12. click Close in the Test Account Settings dialog box.
  13. Click Finish.

Step 3: Set your new Outlook profile as the default one

If you get succeed and your new new Outlook email profile is working correctly, then it to as a default profile. After that transfer your email messages to that new one.

  1. Select “Always use this profile” from the General tab of the Mail dialog box.
  2. Further, select drop-down under “Always use this profile” and , and choose new profile.
  3. Now, click OK. It will simply close the Mail dialog box.
  4. Then utilize Import and Export wizard in order to export your email messages from your old Outlook email profile to an Outlook Data File (.pst), and then import the Outlook Data File (.pst) to newly created Outlook email profile.

After using all above methods, if you still not able to fix outlook 2007 error 0x800ccc0f, then just go through Outlook PST Repair Software. Since, it has been specially designed by th team of professionals by taking high level algorithm that helps you to fix outlook 2007 error 0x800ccc0f and all other issues related to it.