Fix OLE Outlook 2013 Registration Error

However, today while replying to the various forums, I have an encountered an error known as “OLE registration error”. After that I have took research on OLE Error and then found some interesting facts. This error is not much popular in comparison to other numerical errors. In MS Outlook. So, not able to get more information, but still find some solution.

Error Message:- “An OLE Registration Error occur. This program is not correctly installed . Hence, run Set up again for the program.”

How OLE Registration Error occur?

Simply, when you click on the New mail button and get a new window which works like MS Word. Exactly, Word Works as an E-mail editor for Microsoft Outlook. And absence of MS-Word and if its not installed in the same version as Microsoft Outlook which is already installed become the reason of an OLE Registration error. Simply, you click on the New mail button and get a new Window which works like MS-Word and if its not installed in the same version as Microsoft Outlook, which is already installed and become the reason of an OLE registration error. Simply, you click on the New mail button and get a new Window, which works like MS Word. Exactly MS Words works as an e-mail editor for Microsoft Outlook.

How To Fix OLE Registration Error ?

To fix OLE Registration Error, type “Regsvr32 ole32.dll” in the Run and then click on “Ok”.

Note:- To open the Run box, you can also take the help of a Window’s shortcuts “Windows + R”.

There is just a probability that above mention steps will work effectively in solving OLE Registration Error issue. But if you are still stuck in the same situation, then you should emptying the files that is located within an Outlook folder .

Here mentioning few steps to empty the files located in an Outlook folder:-

Windows XP Users:- C:\Documents and settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft Outlook
Windows 7 Users:- C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.

  • On reaching the defined path, you have to delete all the files of Microsoft Outlook Folders.
  • Start MS Outlook from the starting. Outlook will automatically re-create those deleted files and then start performing its functions properly.

Know Some Relevant Solutions To Fix An OLE Registration Error

  • Disable your COM Add-ins.
  • Suitable Settings of scanning programs.
  • Recreation of Outlook Profile.
  • Inbox Repair Tool.
  • Re-installation of MS Office.

But if these steps would not help you anymore in fixing this Outlook 2013 OLE Registration Error, then you should install PST Recover Software. This is specialized software that is built by professionals. It will help you in recovering all items that are related to your Outlook. This software is compatible with Windows OS. So, if you get any problem in solving this issue, you should install PST Recovery Software, and see its wonderful effects.

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