Fix Error Opening Outlook and Control Panel’s Mail Applet

I am trying a lot to make a change to my Outlook Mail profile, but I was advised to go to Control Panel, and then select Mail. But the problem is that, When I go to the Control Panel, there is no Mail icon. So, where does it exactly located?

Basically the exact location depends on the Versions of Windows that you are using as well as layout settings of the Control Panel. Alternatively, you can also use the Search feature in Control Panel or Windows Start menu to quickly locate and open it. When you are using Windows 8, you should make sure to open “Control Panel” and not on “Settings”. So, whenever you open the Start Menu, simply type “Control Panel” to find it.

Control Panel – Classic Layout

If your Control Panel in the Classic Layout icon, you can see the Mail Applet directly in the list of icons. However, for 64 bit version of Windows as Vista or Windows 7, then the icon could be listed in the “View 32 -bit Control Panel Items” section.

Control Panel – Category Layout

If your Control Panel is set to “View By Category”, then you can find the mail applet in :

Windows XP : User Accounts

Windows Vista: User Accounts

Windows Vista 64 -bit:- Additional Options → View 32 Bit Control Panel Items

Windows 7 : – User Accounts And Family Safety

Windows 8 : – User Accounts And Family Safety

Windows 10 : – User Accounts

Search Control Panel

There is also a quick way to find a mail icon, by typing “mail”, in the search box in the right top corner of Control Panel.

Search – Start Menu

In Windows 8, you can also find the Mail applet via the Search feature in the Start Screen. Here, you should open the Start Screen and then type open a search box. In the results, look at the icon to make sure that you open the Mail applet, and not the Windows Mail App. If you haven’t updated to Windows 8.1 yet, so look in the Settings category of the Search results.

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