Does Your Outlook Email Stuck In Outbox

What do you mean, if you doesn’t receive your emails, last night. Now you are getting upset as you have to review the Powerpoint Presentation that never met to its recipients.

However a common complaint of Outlook users is that their send email takes too much time, or hangs or traps messages in the Outbox. Here providing some troubleshooting instructions that should help you to get your messages, while traveling smoothly again. These steps can apply to all versions of Outlook.

First of all you have to try re-sending those emails. For this, you have to go to the Send / Receive tab, and then click Send All. Here, you will see a dialogue box that shows results of the process, and your email might exit the Outbox. But if doesn’t work, just follow these steps:-

1. Make sure that your Outlook is Online

In your status bar, at the bottom of your Outlook message, you will see a status of “Disconnected” or “trying to connect” that could explain why your messages are not sending. Hence, if your mail is hosted on an on-premise Exchange server. Its possible that the local server is down. Here, you may want to check with your admin. So, if you use Office 365, then you should check your Internet connection, just wait for few minutes to make sure that its not momentary Office 365, and then try again.

2. Check Your Email Settings

Are you sure, your email is supposed to send immediately? So, if you have a set of rule to delay message sending, you will see your mail in your Outbox for a while.

3. Is your message being slowed down by a large attachment?

Its depend on the speed of your Internet service provider. However, if you have attached a large file to your email messages, then you may see it sitting in the Outbox, because it take simply a while to send, and block all your subsequent emails from sending.

4. Use the correct password

If you have recently changed your password, then you will have to make sure that Outlook knows the correct password. So, from the File → Account Settings → Change → Logon Information → Password Box → Type new password.

5. Resend directly from the Outbox

However, if your Outlook settings are configured in a certain way, then you won’t be able to send emails if you have opened or clicked on them after you have clicked on send I.e, if you have marked them as read from the Outbox. Hence, in this case, just open you email from the Outbox, browse to a new folder so you won’t automatically re-mark it as read, and then click on Send on the stuck email.

Moreover, if these tips won’t work for you, then you have another solution for those pesky stuck emails. You have to install PST Repair software, to send or receive your emails that are already stuck in Outbox. This is regarded as most effective and powerful tool that is built by professionals, in order to prevent your damaged or corrupted Outlook PST file. This software works with all versions of Windows OS. So, you don’t need to worry when your emails stuck in the Outbox. Just install and use this PST Repair Software, and see its wonderful effects.

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