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Resolve PST Message Can Not Be Opened Error

PST message can not be opened

Currently, Microsoft Outlook 2016, this period is the latest version of MS Outlook and is widely used by most users. For many organizations, it is very important perspective to facilitate sending and receiving e-mails. The user can easily manage data files stored, and can even keep in touch with a loved one. Microsoft Outlook 2013 also lets you import all your contacts from social networks. It can be used to share the same address book and calendar. Outlook 2013 has many features that make it a powerful application do. However some time user have to face problem like “ PST message can not be opened ”. This situation can put the user in deep trouble.

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Scanpst.exe Not Responding Outlook 2016 : Fix the Problem

scanpst.exe not responding Outlook 2016

If you try to recover data from damaged Outlook, scanpst.exe not responding Outlook 2016 message appear. This means that there are some problems with Outlook. Scanpst.exe is a built-in repair tool provided by Microsoft to. to repair damaged Outlook data. However, there may be some of the reasons for scanpst.exe not responding Outlook 2016 issue occur. We drive some of the main problems in this thread that you understand.

Well scanpst.exe is a tool to repair very useful for Microsoft Outlook. While scanpst.exe not responding Outlook 2016 issues have become very common nowadays because of the reasons listed here. Outlook to function for storing data in a personal folder, which is called as PST or Personal Storage Table. This personal folder has a capacity of 2 GB for Outlook data. In fact, sometimes when the PST file does not respond or show any errors or damage to, the scanpst.exe utility is used to repair it. But when the PST size increased to obtain a folder, this tool also does not repair or show scanpst.exe not responding Outlook 2016 error. Some of the most common reasons listed here:


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