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Error 0x800C013B : When You Attempt to Send a Message in Outlook [Fixed]

Error 0x800C013B

Error 0x800C013B is not a common problem that you have encounter in Outlook. Well, the occurrence appear when user try to send message. It is very annoying because your account is inaccessible. Because of this error, users can not send, receive, and even access your important emails in Outlook. Well, usually this critical error due to user name and an incorrect password occurs. Well, you should make sure that the login information used is correct and is the same account you want to open. Whenever user try send some mails or message to anyone a error message comes it be like this :

An unknown error has occurred. Protocol: SMTP, Port: 0, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C013B.


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Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognized PST : What To Do ?

Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognized PST

What if your Outlook show an error message, what will you do then?? There is one good option to solve such type of errors, using inbuilt repair tool. The tool is compatible to repair some issue of Outlook PST files. But if Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognized PST, then is this situation what will you do. All the important files of Outlook is saved on PST file ( Personal Storage Table). This table store all valuable information regarding Outlook, if there is any problem within it inbuilt repair tool help you to solve the issue. But inbuilt repair tool too need to get repair the what is the solution for that.


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Fix PST Header Files 2010 : Find Yourself Free To Fix PST Header Files 2010

fix PST header files 2010

Need an helpful tips to fix PST header files 2010? You have come to the right place. As the outlook is widely used, and regularly have problems and problems in due time. At that time, an effective solution can only repair or correct the problem. So feel free to read this post and ask our experts about Outlook for more information about errors and problems Outlook like how to fix PST header files 2010

As the number of users are moving towards Outlook, the duty of professionals to assist you in using Outlook seamlessly. But this issue is about how to repair PST file header. You PST header file is located in the initial part of the PST folder. PST header contains metadata and even includes information about the root. PST (Personal Storage Table) files Outlook is where all data is stored profile. profile data can be as contacts, emails, notes, tasks and other files that the user created. Outlook header also includes the root layer of NDB data. So now important to fix PST header files 2010

The reason PST header corruption:

  • PST file header is corrupted due to contamination of virus or malware.
  • PST file can be associated with abnormalities such as power outages and interruptions while adhering to Outlook PST.
  • unknown system failure and problems related to access to the PST file.
  • Other causes include damage to the database, the server weaker similar Outlook software, line defects, and using Outlook PST.
  • Viruses and malware can easily corrupt all the files in Outlook
  • Large PST files are easily feasible to present small PST file corruption.
  • Therefore you should periodically remove or archive any unnecessary data from Outlook PST files

It is very important to consider some of these mistakes so you can avoid Outlook data is damaged. These basic problems can cause a series of errors of vision, that the reason that shares our idea to fix PST header files 2010. Now Outlook gives an integrated tool to solve some problems. However this integrated tool have some limit. In this case, you need to find an efficient tool to repair PST. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software can be useful to fix PST header files 2010 and other errors including Outlook.


Fix CRC Error : Get Corrupted PST Files Outlook 2010

Want to know how to Fix CRC error ? No CRC error may damage components of Outlook PST. So a few tips on how to repair damaged PST files, so you will find everything you need to solve problems.

Fix CRC Error

CRC (cyclic redundancy check) mechanism Outlook feature that is part of Microsoft, and its main function is to verify that the data needed by the user is loaded correctly or not. To manage this CRC inspectors controlled via the same mechanism, showing the percentage of data loss when accessing it from disk. Many experienced users can not be transferred. The situation data error when trying to copy their PST files on any external drive. Members try to restart the computer, but the problem remains the same, even though it may lead to important data inaccessibility of Outlook data. You can get the above error when a bad hard disk space. This means that the PST file is corrupted.

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