Can’t Preview Outlook 2013 Attachments

If you have Outlook 2013 set up to use the Preview Panel, then you might have noticed that you can view a preview of an attachment by clicking on attachment once. This basically allows you to view the contents of the attachment, if the Previewer for that attachment is installed into your system. For Microsoft Files, you can often copy some of the data from the Preview.

But if you prefer to work with the Attachments in their native program, where you just have full acess to all the features of the program, then this Preview mode can be more nuisance than a help. Unfortunately, you have smart and reliable tool that will help you in previewing Outlook 2013 Attachments, known as PST Repair Tool.

Protected view is a new security feature that get arrived in Outlook 2013, for all office documents, that arrives in email or downloaded content from Internet Sources. This is basically a security sandbox that is used by Office 2013 to enhance your attachment security. Most of the administrators are able to control whether all email attachments or only those from outside their Exchange Network use Protected View or not.

How Protected view Works In Outlook 2013?

When an Outlook email document is opened, a red band appears at the top of the document to alert its user, that their document is in Protected View and cannot be edited. So, if the user trusts the document, they click on the Enable editing button, to begin editing. However, all attachments are read only.

Additionally, when a document that was previously attached to an email, is opened, the red message bar states that “This file originated as an email attachment” or “The file was downloaded from the Internet”. The application knows this because the Windows uses the Attachment Execution Services, to place a zone identifier in an alternative data stream of the file, that indicates, it get downloaded from the Internet Zone. Hence, when Word, Excel, or Powerpoint open any file and sees this marker, it knows that, you should open the file within Protected View and thus, user sees the red bar.

PST Repair Software : Effective Solution To Preview Outlook Attachments

Using PST Repair Software, you can do several such as re-install your Outlook, repair your Office programs, even you can try as domain or local Admin, disable your protected view and so on. However, if you still want to preview your Outlook 2013 Attachments, then you are highly recommended to install PST Repair Software. This tool is created by professionals that uses advanced algorithms, that will help your attachments to get preview by its user. This effective software will repair your corrupted, inaccessible and damaged PST File. It is also compatible with Windows and Mac Operating system. so, don’t wait and install PST Repair Software as soon as possible into your PC.

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